The dream into volunteers_梦里成志愿者英语作文120字

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The dream into volunteers_梦里成志愿者英语作文120字

Xiao Ming had a dream last night

Xiao Ming had a dream last night. In the dream, he volunteered to serve the Beijing Olympics.He tried his best to help the foreign friends from different countries. When he found a foreign friend worried in the street, he went up to him and asked him what was the matter. The foreigner told Xiao Ming he was Jack, and he forgot the way to the Sun Hotel. Then Xiao Ming stopped a taxi and took him to the Sun Hotel. Xiao Ming talked with Jack on the way and made Jack know more about Beijing. Jack thanked Xiao Ming very much and thought Xiao Ming’s English was very good. Xiao Ming was very happy.He smiled and smiled, then he woke up.