How to learn English well?_如何学好英语初中英语作文180字

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How to learn English well?_如何学好英语初中英语作文180字

How to learn English well?

How to learn English?Do you know?Here is some advice on me: You should listen to the radio and listhe to the music.You can learn many new words from it.But you can't understand every word.You only need to listen to the key words and main ideas.Why not speak English as much as possible in class?let's try to find some English friends and talk to them.How about reading?You should read English newspaper and English magazines.I think writing is important too.Why don't we write down our mistakes in the notebook?And don't forget to write down the correct answers next to the mistakes.

I hope my advice can help you improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing.