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The catcher in the Rye is a novel written by Jim Salinger, an American writer. The novel tells the story of a high school student named Holton who was born in a wealthy middle class family. Should be young and lively youth, but wandering outside, do not want to study in school. Although he was once captain of the school fencing team, he hated everything in school, whether it was school or activities. After he was expelled from school again, he fled school after a fight with his classmates, but he dared not go home. Wandering for a few days, he felt more dark, so that he had the desire to think of the catcher in the rye, hoping to protect the innocence of the child.

After reading this novel, I have great sympathy for Holton, but his heart is a good child, because through the darkness inside the school, everything will be so resistant to the school, he had no real friends in the school, only called a mercenary friend. However, he did not want to continue to travel with those so-called friends, maybe he knows just continue to associate with them, in accordance with the principle of Like attracts like. will follow, he fall together, even the last glimmer of purity will be darkness. So he prefers to be a parent, a bad boy in the eyes of a teacher, and he doesn't want to go back to school.

When he fled the school, he found that the outside world was not much better than the school. When he was staying in a small hotel, he saw many different kinds of people and sympathized with some poor poor people. He was even beaten up by a prostitute. Fortunately, he still has his lovely sister, and finally feel that he is not alone, but also hope that he can be like the catcher in the rye like that, to protect the innocence of the child.

For children, to see the darkness of society will have a certain impact on children. I remember when I was a child, the village levied land to collect the land of my grandparents, and my grandparents got a sum of money. Grandpa wanted to split it up between his children. But uncle feel that too little, and so often in the front row grandma and grandpa. The family was embarrassed, and my father felt that it was not good to destroy his brother's feelings for the sake of money. He gave his share to his uncle. Even after my mother scolded the pour dog's blood on he just smiled, said one family in harmony. But last year the Spring Festival does not go to the temple's uncle came unexpectedly, obviously he is the purpose of it is to borrow money, indeed. Not long ago, when my father was in the hospital for surgery, my uncle didn't visit my father. My father left the hospital and soon came to borrow money. Home savings are not much, but my father is to lend money to Uncle without demur. I do not know why some people think money is more important than their families. Will money treat them as good as their families?

The greedy uncle, even relatives, I really very difficult for him to have a crush. Moreover, his image had been deeply impressed when I was a child, and it was difficult to change him. So I feel the same with everything that Holton has suffered. Hope that the dark and selfish human nature of society will no longer appear, and give the children a warm world.