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"The Kite Runner" is the American writer Khaled Hu Hussey, Afghanistan's first novel. Amir, the hero of the book, was born in a wealthy family. Although his mother died at the time of his birth, his father doted on him very much. Amir also has a faithful servant, and his playmate, Hassan, whose story revolves around Amir and Hassan, about the betrayal and redemption of humanity.

After reading this novel, my heart can not calm down for a long time. First of all, the protagonist Aril's cowardice makes me angry. He saw that his servant was raped, but he did not step forward. In this scene, my heart was cold. Hassan was not only his servant, but also his playmate. Not only did he not step forward when Hassan was raped, but because he could no longer face Hassan, he asked his father to dismiss Hassan and Hassan. Because of the unreasonable demands by the father refused, he stole his birthday gift to Hassan to set him up, Hassan also know her to frame him, but he did not explain, but admit stealing. Hassan suffered physical harm, he not only did not comfort Hassan, but also let Hassan lost his job, it is worse.

Later, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Amir's father took Amir fled to Pakistan, home to Lasingham management, then Amir went to the United States and a girl in a family, at this time Lasingham call Amir, want him to return to Pakistan, because Hassan and his wife Amir in the care of the house, by the intruder shot. And their son and therefore into the sun orphanage, but Amir still did not want to go back, Lasingham had no choice but to speed Amir, Hassan is his father's illegitimate child, Amir went back home. The Seoul Alai, servant of Hassan identity is not worth to cherish him, sympathy? Do not say first in Hassan when he was young, dedicated, Hassan sacked after Hassan a still not return to help him take care of the house, in that Hassan was shot, he was still completely indifferent. But he changed his attitude only after he knew that Hassan was his half brother.

When I knew that Hassan was Amir's half brother and sister, I was more sympathetic to the sad reminders of this life. It is the same father, his brother is a glamorous young master, while they can not see the light of illegitimate child, although ironically even when his brother's servant, the brother in his hurt did not help but also recalled Amir to one disaster after another, after Hassan did, I the anger has apparently reached the peak.

No wonder Amir's father was so partial to Hassan at the beginning. You are his son, he took Amir to the foreign life had another son home to ignore, even being shot, how can he be so eccentric? It makes me not only think of the movie "Tangshan earthquake" fragment, when my sister and brother can only choose one of the two, my mother finally choose to rescue his brother, the sister, abandoned by her mother, that is what a cruel thing. And Hassan's life experience and experience, so that my mood can not calm down for a long time.

After reading the book, I have a lot of insights, the human nature has more insights. There is no perfect person in the world. But when we met we can help people, we should try to help them, but not to escape the darkness, so that they can feel our concern, so that they no longer have the dark effect.