Alice in Wonderland_爱丽丝梦游仙境英语读后感500字

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This is a story book, the inside story is ridiculous, funny, interesting; it is more than a page of the book, the show is a long afternoon, just to meet all kinds of animal and a little girl there; it is also a Book of fairy tales seems even in the most common the book, all the characters in the story are able to speak, have their own thoughts, and that any a fairy tale is almost no difference between what.

Everything in this book is so strange and interesting. The people there could not speak, and the water that Alice had eaten or drank could turn into small, small cakes and large mushrooms. Paper, fantasy, adventure, lovely characters, vivid language brings us fantasies, adventures, and this brings us to a beautiful world together with Alice.

Alice's Wonderland is actually a girl's growing up. The quality of growing up is worth learning. Alice is full of curiosity, in order to own the "nightmare" like a dream, the rabbit began to resolutely pursue adventure; Alice is strong, fell into the hole, she did not like a normal girl so desperate cry, but actively looking for a way out; Alice is generous, in a a strange environment to meet people and things strange and not timid and cautious; Alice is witty, in order to rescue the Mad Hatter, sneaked into the Red Queen palace and the Red Queen ferocious and ruthless Knight representations of wits; Alice is justice, in order to underground the stability of the world and joined the White Queen camp; Alice is brave, in the face of the Red Queen of evil monster dragon she chose not to escape, but the courage to face; Alice is confident, in the face of a stronger enemy and difficulties Believe in yourself, inspire your potential, and conquer the monster dragon.

Lewis's little girl, Alice, always smiles and smiles like sunshine. Everyone interprets different souls from her smile, and, as the author puts it, a magical journey for children, even for adults, is precious.

Alice's story was over and she finally woke up. She was still under the tree and went to tea immediately. (of course, the dishes were clean). When I saw the story in the early morning, I fell asleep. I wish I could come to Wonderland in the footsteps of Alice oh no, not necessarily Wonderland, as long as it's a pure place, one can only adapt to the place where only children can do it. I can't say I'm as fearless as Alice, but I'll try to do it and go back to the little girl.

In "Alice in Wonderland", I gathered a lovely little girl, her name is Alice; and a lovely gift, that belongs to the innocence of a child.