It's really that simple_真的很简单英语作文500字

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When jack was a stThe frog who lived in the field said to the frog who lived by the roadside, "it's too dangerous for you to live there. Move in with me! ” udent in a bicycle repair shop, someone sent a bad bike. Jack not only fixed the car, but also cleaned the bike. The others laughed at him, but jack kept silent. After a week, jack was invited into his company by the owner of the bicycle. It's easy to get ahead.

Just do something and do something.

A child said to his mother, "mom is so beautiful today!" The mother asked, "why? It's no different today!" The child replied, "because my mother is not angry today."

It is easy to be beautiful, as long as you are not angry.

There was a farm owner who always let his children work hard on the farm every day. The friend said to him, "even if you don't make your children so hard, the crops will grow well." The owner of the farm replied, "I'm not training crops. I'm training my children."

It's easy to cultivate children and let him have a hard time.

There is a shop that is often brightly lit, Someone asked, "what brand of lamp is used in your store? Why is it so durable? ” The store owner replied, "our lamps are often broken, but we change them when they are broken. ”

The original way to stay bright is simple, as long as the lamp can be changed frequently.

The frog who lived by the field said to the frog who lived by the roadside, "it's too dangerous for you to live there. Move in with me! ” The frog by the side of the road replied, "I'm used to it, and I'm too lazy to move.” A few days later, the frog on the field went to visit the frog on the roadside, but found that it had been hit by a car and died on the road.

The original way to master the fate of the simple, away from laziness can be.

Several children wanted to be angels, and God gave each of them a candlestick to scrub every day. Many days passed, and God did not come again, and the children no longer scrubbed the candlestick. Except for a kid named "Benben," he actually washes candlesticks every day. Finally, he became an angel.

It turns out that being an angel is easy, as long as you actually do something.

There was a gold-panning team walking in the desert. Everyone was heavy-footed and in pain. Only one person walked happily. Others asked, "why are you so comfortable? ” He smiled and said, "Because I carry the least gold. ”

Originally happy is very simple, has a little less to be possible.