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My birthday is on Sunday. My parents are going to have a birthday party at home. I invite my friends to come to the party. At the party. They give me many small presents. Such as cards, picture books, pens. They sing Happy Birthday to me. My mother makes a big cake for me. I cut the cake into small pieces and give them out. we sing and dance. We have a good time at the party.

我的生日是在周日,爸爸妈妈在家为我准备了一个生日派对,我邀请我的朋友来参加聚会。 聚会上,他们送我很多小礼物,比如卡片,绘画书,笔。他们给我唱了生日歌,妈妈给我做了一个大蛋糕,我把蛋糕切成小块,并分给了他们。我们又唱又跳,派对上玩得非常开心。